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The Best Highly Rated 4k Monitors

What are the highest rated 4k gaming monitors?

The world of computers have come a long way, from Cathode Ray Tube to the latest LCD’s, with each newly developed monitor having its own propose, function and futures. These features are the prominent characteristics that separate each device from another. A new generation of cutting edge monitors has been born, the 4k monitor. This is not your average monitor for updating your social media account or to quickly write a spread sheet document to hand in to your rather impatient boss, no! This breed monitors are for something else more spectacular….

What are 4k monitors used for you may ask? Gaming! Yes, only specific classes of people are interested in using such powerful and high end computer components… But before we go any further, one might like to know, what exactly is a 4k gaming monitor?

A 4k gaming monitor is nothing but a computer monitor that displays 4 times as much resolutions and image quality than a standard 1080p Full HD screen. If one does the proper math, that simply means that you have about eight million more pixels than two million, at your disposal. Enough to convince anyone that the future is right in front of our very eyes, literally. No wonder why they have been the “tech” topic of the year. So, we know what they are, who uses them and what they are used for (at the very least), so let’s dig out a little deeper, the golden question.

What are the best gaming monitor available this coming Christmas? We will examine the options below…

The Top Three 4k Gaming Monitor List.

No. 1: The Samsung U32D970Q

Screen Size in inches: 32 Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

The pros: | Robust and aesthetic exterior design| Loads of user in options and calibrations to suit your needs| Unparalled screen size| Distinguished picture quality

The cons: | Sharpness of images is poor due to the 4k screen size ration | Conventional and intermediate contrast | unreasonably costly

Overall: The Samsung U32D970Q 4k monitor exhibits feature like no other, the aesthetic design, image quality and incomparable performance marks it the best.


No. 2: The Acer B286HK

Screen size in inches: 28 Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The pros: | Has a overall excellent performance | Exceptional angle quality | Exceptional angle quality | Excellent ergonomic design | Has a 4 port USB HUB 93.00 | HDMI port

The cons: | Has an unsteady stance when placed on a flat surface | A Display Port is needed when 4k is at 60Hz | Portrait mode displays poor image quality

Overall: The Acer B2886 has unique qualities that set it apart from the rest, with a simplified GUI, it’s easy to interact and calibrate it to suit your needs, not forgetting that its embracing performance that earns it second place in the list.

No. 3: The DELL P2715Q

Screen size in inches: 27 Resolution: 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The pros: | Abundant connectivity (USB ports, HDMI and 2 Display Ports) | High quality and professional display |Ergonomic design | IPS panel offers a wide variety of viewing angles

The cons: | Unattractive exterior design with poor quality of materials | Calibration options and quality adjustments are limited

Overall: The DLL P2715Q 4K monitor is a remarkable product that only adds on to a list of cutting edge monitors that redefine graphics and visual experience…

Those are the Top 3 highly rated 4k gaming monitors of our time!

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